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By Wednesday, September 02, 2015 ,

Scarf and Coat from Guangzhou / Uniqlo Shirt /  Bershka Jeans / Charles&Keith Heels / Vincci Purse / Klaus Kobec Watch

DAY 5 OOTD for KLFW 2015 | 160815

Personally, this is one of my favourite look. a sense of high street fashion and igniting the vibe of a korean streetstyle (haha) would be the reasons. the coat acts as a fashion statement and obviously, i kept on repeating the skinny-cut jeans and that shoe but i guess the whole look is still giving you a different feel right?? im sorry as both items are undeniably my current favourite and yeah, i am double confident when im decking on my favourite thaaangss! lol

The highlight should be that grey long coat which i got at Guangzhou yet i've never worn it before. Oh finally i found a valid excuse to deck it just before my Korea trip as honestly i bought it for that purpose. the material is no thick which makes it suitable to be worn at Kuala Lumpur. well, now i wonder could i stand a 10 degree and below temperature with this coat?? lol

Who says a petite figure should avoid wearing an oversized and long apparel? as for me, its totally depending on how you style and carry it because a long garment indirectly helping to slander and slimmer your body not the other way around! two items that i guess might help; skinny jeans and sky-high heels should be worn together!

Thanks for reading and i do hope you are loving my new page here  =)

Photographed by YusfariqIqmal


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  1. Korean style! jyeahh.. Style ahkak.. Pika dah lama tak posing ootd..

    1. jiyeeahhhhhhhhhhhhh anyeong!! hahahha post lah ootd jumpe akk hahaha

  2. I baru je ckp kat my mom that I selalu tak confident nak pakai long layers...this is making me want to try!

    1. hehehhehe btw babe u lgi tinggi dr i!!!! AHHAHAHHAHAHAHA


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