Look #197 - Red Hot Chili Papers

Satin Scarf / Topshop Sweater / Zara Pencil Skirt / HM Boots / Vincci Bag


Well, that repeated sweater is looking for a new pairing as it was here before. initially, i didn't have any idea yet when i randomly strolled at the KLCC and bumped onto this pencil skirt, i know i should grab it! it was hang in the Zara store as in sale items which the price tag is only RM70. got two shades to choose; black and this hot red. c'mon girls, be brave and be bold! just ignore the dreadful black as you are so much cooler and easier to stand up in this reddish!

Hence, another way to style your sweater. admittedly, that skirt is an ankle length yet it suits my petite size perfectly. cover your ankle with the high-knee boots. Oh another secret about this type of skirt is it helps to shrinking your lower bottom part! i believe it will also looks good with an oversized top, will show ya'll later yar. thanks for reading though Happy Weekend :)

Photographed by SyafiqahHashimxoxo and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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