Driving My New Honda City

Basically, this is a sequence from my previous post #HondaFamilyRoadTrip3 thanks Honda Malaysia for giving me the opportunity to 'own' the car for about 2 days and test-drive it all the way to Penang! thus, this 2nd part will rambling more on my experience operating this 'machine' and yeah, WHAT I LOVE THE MOST about this All-New City.

1) The Sleek Design

Purposely design for a small family and a young executive like me, this 4th generation city is among the best-selling sedan in Malaysia. It delivers sophistication with its overall package vehicle that suits consumer needs; combining premium look, exciting drivability, comfort and spaciousness with class-leading safety features which will be defined in details as below. 

Powered by the improved 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC engine (maximum power 120PS @ 6,600 rpm and maximum torque 145Nm @ 4,600 rpm). comes with 4 variants of the All-New City, namely the City S, City S+, City E and City V. ECON mode is now a standard feature in the All-New City across all variants to further improve the vehicle’s fuel usage with the push of a button.

2) The Safety Features

Safety first! well, i really need to highlight the ISOFIX feature which specially designed for those baby chairs. its like a button attached to the cushion where parents could plug on the baby chair to it. brilliant!

3) The 536L Boot

Offering the largest boot space in its class at 536L and is able to fit bulky items of up to 3 large suitcases or 4 small ones, golf bags and a baby pram. making it very convenient for road trips with friends or family. well, i definitely need this as it is able to store my overloaded shoes!

4) The Interior Features

Well, i just could't bear my driving without this 2 things; USB ports and GPS! nah, you don't need to quarrel with the co-pilot as 2 USB ports provided at the front part and yeah another 2 sockets to recharge your smartphone at the back! haha can upload photos in instagram like million times without scare that the battery will kong! lol 

Then, HDMI feature is able you to connect with the phone. means that the WAZE can be displayed through the 7” Display Audio with MirrorLink function (V variant) which also comes with 8 Speakers (the most in its segment) (V variant) yeah we can parteyhhh in the car now! haha

4) Extra Concern; Smart Entry, Push Button, Cruise Button

why need a key when the handle can detect your hand?
and why also need a key to start an engine?
why need to push on paddle when you can just play with the break and sustain the speed?

Anyhow, Honda Malaysia just launched the new Dark Ruby Red Pearl complements four other colours of the City - Taffeta White, Modern Steel Metallic, Alabaster Silver Metallic and Crystal Black Pearl and is available in all Honda showrooms nationwide. starting price is RM74,007* and more details please proceed with

Honda Toll Free number at 1-800-88-2020
Facebook HONDA Malaysia


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  1. eh kenapa muka akk kt gambar hafiz dalam kete tu mcm jemah sangat hahahahahahaha...alaaa nak naik honta city lagi..kali ni pegi pahang boleh tak..eh!

    1. HHAHHAHA akk ni bagos alh sy mmg nmpk je tp tggu je akk ckp sndri! hahha kemainnn seriuss naww tuh

  2. Dark Ruby Red Pearl.. smart. Ahhh.. melting.

    1. smart melting bagai pe lg bang piz cpt la angkat satu!! hahahaha

  3. ponn ponn~ Honda city lalu ni.. beri laluan, beri laluan..

  4. Such a funny drive! Wanna see Honda Civic test drive!

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