#SpecialProject X SizzlingSuzai for Hijabista Magazine

sorry as the outfit was like errr...i was in rush coming from office and blah blah. well i do always made a stupid mistake like the previous shooting for NTV7 which was the same! the outfit was totally blunt! when im nervous i just couldnt think of anything better. aiyoo will improve more! ;'(

Recently, ive been invited to be part of the #SpecialProject with the Hijabista Magazine joining the other 79 fashionistas!! OK thats it im not allowed to reveal more yet the OCTOBER 2015 issue is coming knocking your door, just be ready to grab one copy for your own sake yar! hehe Oh please don't expect too much as i must be a small part in between the pages LOL yet i feel so honored to get this opportunity. may bigger things are coming, insyAllah amin.. :)

Oh yar they are actually having a #fashionmeetscharity COLLABORATION with Adijimu #HijabistaXAdijuma which 5,000 pieces of Hijabista X Adijuma special scarf will be given to the luckiest one. more info and details on how you could win it, please visit the instagram @Hijabistamag Hurry up and GOOD LUCK though!

INSTAGRAM @hijabistamag

thanks Kak Suzy and til we meet again and again and again :)


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  1. ni semangat nak beli majalah hijabista ni.. blh tgk wajah suzai..hehe


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