TOPSHOP TOPMAN X Zalora Party #owntopshopnow #owntopmannow #zaloramy

oh loving this so much, thanks Jane !! :D
my weird face lol with my best buddies ever; Jane and Jessy!
HAHHAHA photo bombed by Jane. hey babe gonna miss u real hard soon! 
with pretty shivani whom i rarely meet at any events lol
 with ttfga, dunno? check his IG @ttfga then you'll also starting to fan his works :)
squad --> cliche = huh! hehe from left Shivani, Jessy, Claudi and Jane

09.09.15 | APW Bangsar

Known for championing the best of British style, TOPSHOP and TOPMAN debut on ZALORA with their autumn winter 2015 collections. recognising the continuos growth and potential of the online retail market and the need to constantly provide its customers with new and exciting options. ZALORA aims to provide a multi-channel shopping experience to their customers.

Now, customers can shop TOPSHOP and TOPMAN via ZALORA


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