[Photo Diary] Honda Family Road Trip to Penang Terbaek!!

DAY 1 | 12.09.15 | Kota Damansara | Briefing 

First thing first, it is a big pleasure to be selected as one of the bloggers participating in this #HondaFamilyRoadTrip3 Million kisses to Honda and SuSu because this trip is indeed one of the Best event and memory ever! haha overreacted?? nah, lets scroll down to our pack itinerary of the 2D1N Road Trip to Penang yet so so so exciting! 

Oh 2 things that i love the most; 2 Power Sockets and Rear Aircond, both are at the back !!!

DAY 1 | 12.09.15 | Kota Damansara | Departure 

We were divided into 3 groups consisting of 3 bloggers each. we drove the All-New Honda City in Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic fyi this model is the best-selling sedan since its debut in 2001! heh honestly, that blue guy was a driver for just half of the journey since i volunteered to take over the steering until the last day of the trip. hahaha the valid reason would definitely because the driving is real smooth and yeah i love the airy speeds! 160Km/h feels nothing! hehehehe even the "Lead Car" kept on admonishing us to leave some gap LOL HAHAHA sorry sir admittedly, imma bit clumsy though =P

DAY 1 | 12.09.15 | Ipoh | Lunch Break for "Nasi Ganja" 

Approximately at 1pm, we reached Ipoh which also known as the famous foods countries. indeed, we were so lucky as they have already arranged our lunch at the renowned "Nasi Ganja" Yong Suan Kopitiam. OMG ive been dying to taste it like age. Oh Oh Honda Malaysia, you guys are seriously awesome! as rumored, yup the queue is a never ending one. hence, you are highly recommended to be prepared to spend few hours in here for queuing, waiting for empty table and finally enjoying the dishes. will specially blog about this eatery on another separate post yar :)

susu segar with susu yg dah tak berapa nk segar! LOL hahaha muka penat dahhh
A new shade of HONDA CITY tarik nafas dlm dlm THE DARK RUBY RED PEARL CITY :D

DAY 1 | 12.09.15 | Juru Auto-City | HondaFamilyRoadTrip Roadshow

Once done with the 'high' lunch HAHA we straight away continuing our journey to the main itinerary, The Honda Family Road Show which was held at the Juru Auto-City, Seberang Prai, Penang. "Filled with Fun" is the theme where the whole family could discover loads of exciting activities such as Honda exhibition, test drive,32-point inspections, shopping, winning free gifts and artist performances. don't be fret if you missed it as here the full schedule of the roadshow which will be happening until Feb 2016!

more details, please visit HONDA MALAYSIA Official Page | HONDA MALAYSIA Facebook

DAY 1 | 12.09.15 | Juru Auto-City | Lucky Winner Driving with Amir Jahari!

Gosh me and Syafiqah are seriously lucky when they announced that we can test-drive the car along with the famous singer, Amir Jahari. well, he is a very humble person. we talked a lot about the car, his career and his upcoming projects throughout the driving. HAHA indeed it was very fun to be a driver for a famous celebrity though! hence, Amir if you are looking for a smart and courteous driver, you boleh higher i okeyh. no worry harga gaji is negotiable! hehehe 

Oh mantao i want you some more!!!! (T.T) 

DAY 1 | 12.09.15 | Penang | Delectable Dinner at "Prawn Village" 

Krok! Krok! at about 8pm, we reached this seafood restaurant when everybody already famished. it is claimed and being certified as a Halal eatery. im sorry i forgot to snap the certificate which you could find at the entrance yar. undeniably, the foods were real nice but i'd definitely wanna highlight that 'fried bread' named as "Mantao" which are freaking freaking delicious!! we even added another plate yet it disappeared in a blink of eyes LOL Naaakkkk laaagiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

DAY 1 | 12.09.15 | Penang | Checked-in at The Light Hotel

Finally, we headed to our accommodation when it was already closed to 10pm. located in Seberang Jaya (not on the island) and being ranked as a 5 stars hotel. we were all stunned by the incredible exterior from far away as well as the divine interior of the lobby. we know that the night gonna ends fabulously! hehe high courtesy to HONDA Malaysia for the non-stop VVIP treats as we were also given 1 room for each. Click here for the The Light Hotel blogpost

DAY 2 | 13.09.15 | Gopeng | Water Rafting Yang Terbaek Giler!

The Day 2 initiated with a great breakfast at the hotel and about 9am, we drove to Gopeng where we need to go inside a descent village and passed through a palm oil farm before we finally reached at a campsite called as Riverbug Malaysia. OMG again and again, you guys are seriously amazing as this watersport was in my bucket list yearssssss ago! exaggeratedly, this final activity was the BEST BEST event and undoubtedly, one of the BEST moment in my life! will story more about it soon on separated entry yar. Oh Oh #TeamKaram im missing you guys real hard....  :')

with the awesome people of Honda Malaysia. thanks a lot guys and hope to meet ya'll again :)

Me with carmates tersayang tersengal terbest giler; Kak Diya and Pojie :')

DAY 2 | 13.09.15 | Kota Damansara | The Sad Farewell

Eventually, we arrived back at the gathering point in Kota Damansara. we were all so tired and dehydrated yet still didn't want this trip to end. it was very hard to say "Good Bye" though...anyhow, a high courtesy to HONDA Malaysia for organizing such a great event and giving me the opportunity to test-drive the new city for this whole journey! will ramble more on the experience on the 2nd part yar :)

And a big shout out to all my blogger buddies here for being so cool and so fun! it was so overwhelming to meet and knowing each of you and i'm really looking forward to our reunion. final word, i learn a lot through Blogging and i meet lot of nice and beautiful people through Blogging. then, kenapa nak stop kan?? Alhamdulillah :')

#HondaFamilyRoadTrip3 #CityBloggersDrive #HondaMalaysia 
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  1. gambar lastttt tu memang terbaik..tersengal..tercomel..terkaram hahahahaha..rindu semuaaa...thanks honda bagi peluang kami rasa pengalaman indah niiii!!!

  2. Honda.. invite la lagi.. invite la lagi. Craving for mantao penang. Hahahaha

  3. The ARMY TANK next to your car looks so BADASS :D Jelly ah. I also wanna go on a vacation now. haha


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