MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Launched @Sephora

oh the packaging is too adorable!
thanks SephoraMY !!
the crowd..err can see Atilia there lorh
my darling Syafiqah, c ya next time we hang out ah ^^
 with dear Aida Sue from Wanista :)
our Miss Universe 2013, Carey Ng. she is sooooo pretty and TALL!
 Sephora winner comes with the right theme hehe..thanks dear :)
 Hanie Hidayah is just tooo bubbly and friendly! hope to meet ya again babe :)
 my bodyguards of the evening. LOL

"Starting a makeup line felt like a wonderful opportunity to transmit a spirit 
and encourage people to express themselves"  Marc Jacobs

Known with his bold prints, pattern and design, Jocobs wider his influence to the fragrance empire and now, this man can't just stop as he built his own beauty line named as Marc Jacobs Beauty. indeed he is such an inspiring to all of us.

So, hey another SEPHORA event updated and this time is the launching of Marc Jacobs Beauty. happened at the Sephora, Star Hill and now, you can simply get your MJB here in Malaysia or perhaps reviewing the collection by yourselves.

I heard that the foundation is the best and well, the packaging is just too adorable. loving the nail polish bottle so much. then, the colour is quite darker to my sight in which i love it. haha because i'm not a fan of pastel though. lorh

Thanks SephoraMY and thanks guys for visiting and reading. love. adios! =)


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  1. Love the last picca babe..can't wait for the full shot of the dress..looks gorgeous in red


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