Look #130 - Maxi Cardigan or Kebarong?

scarf from shopshawlic / unbranded maxi cardigan / bottom from Bandung / clutch from Padang

Yup, it can be both as depending on how you styled it. got that maxi cardigan from an ig blogshop sell at RM50 inc postage. i'm not a fan of online shopping though, so this was like my first online purchased.

Well, the material is good, light and flowy but i got a problem with the cutting. not really delicate as you can clearly see in the photo lorh. yup, maybe i should just leave it freely instead of pinned both at the center?

Another problem was i felt and looks SO FAT! lol anyhow, i can't wait to wear it again and this time around, im gonna ensure that i'll leave it swing freely. hahaha macam macam lah~

Then, another new item is that gold clutch. omg, it is super exclusive and classy in which i can't resist for not buying it. got at Padang, Indonesia during my recent visit for about RM50 only! a buzz-worthy purchase i must said. :)

Thanks guys for visiting and reading. Adios!

Photographed by HezlyTom and Edited by SizzlingSuzai.


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