Look #126 - Swinging Me Baby!

Glitter scarf from IG aqraa_boutique / MNG Shirt and Belt / Unbranded Skirt / Coach shoes

Although the highlight is that skirt but i'm sorry as i don't have the specific name of it. haha i was trying very hard looking for it and the best is i come out with that 'Full Skirt'. so, if any of you knowing the trend, do please let me know. lol

Oh i fell in love with the skirt when i saw it hanging in one of the shop at Uptown Kota Damansara. yup its quite cheap as got it at RM50. its wide, its swinging and its successfully transforming me into a ladylike one. the material is cheap silk (don't know the exact name) but it doesn't look tacky at all as the prints is just so simple and chic.

Then, do i need to add anything about that COACH shoes. lorh. just click here for details but anyhow, i love how it looks well-blended with the overall outfit.

Thanks guys for visiting and reading in here. keep on loving and i'll keep on updating! :)


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  1. nice outfit dear! I call this "Frilly Maxi Skirt" though usually they just call it Maxi Skirt hehe. Love your shoes also lah! x0~ www.tauyanm.com


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