Look #127 - That Tribal Long Cardigan

scarf from @lemarimyra / F21 cardigan / MNG top / Bershka jeans / H&M boot

As the name mentioned, the highlight is that brand-new long cardigan. can't ignore the existence as the colour is real bold, the prints is eye-catching and the asymmetrical cutting is just an extraordinary. undeniably, the length is quite long to my height but errr....i just wanna have it!  

Apologies for my laziness as i just keep everything to basic and let the cardigan itself to play its role. don't know as i can't think of any accessories as the two-tones scarf already make a statement besides the cardi. so, i just don't wanna be a walking christmas tree instead. lol besides the fact that yup, i'm not a big fan of accessories. hehe

Thus, can't wait to wear it with a dress on the next time. below is my partner-in-crime for any fashion events i attended and the photoG of the day too. thanks Mr Hezly! :)

Photographed by HezyTom and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. bold and beautiful....handsome partner in crime tu..haha


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