Burgerbyte Bangi, Seksyen 15 (Kedai Burger Zizan aka Abe Zizang!! LOL)

No. 11-GF
Jalan 15/1D 
Seksyen 15
Bandar Baru Bangi

Sorry as i've been keeping this for quite a long time now. so, i'm back with this foodies post!! fyi, this restaurant got several branches; Damansara Perdana, Sentul, Senawang and Ampang Jaya but why Bangi's? because it was suggested by my #GengAnehAneh who love to experiment our own tastebuds and besides the fact that we are the proud Bangi-rians! hehe

Oh should know the fact that i don't fancy eating burger for any meal and in another word i'm just not a fan tho. so, this is my first attempt trying out a special-made burger because i do eat burger only at the McD plus from those hawkers selling at the street. Wahahaha what an introduction leyh~!

the menu
 Chicken Nanchos - RM14.80
Beef Cilantro - RM12.80
Lamb Garlic Butter - RM14.80
Naked Combo - RM18.80
Hotdog Beef Original - RM9.80
Apple / Watermelon Jumbo - RM7.00 each

OK will not describing each of the order as we did shared and tasted one by one but somehow, i already forgot how the taste was. hahaha sorry as this dining was like few months ago but let me highlight my own order which is the Lamb Garlic Butter. Goshhhhh DAP nyerr!!!

Imma big fan of lamb and getting this special-made meat in between the bread with additional cheese and garlic was seriously scrumptious. the lamb is being grilled perfectly and i just could say that for all the lamb's fan, please do try this one. Hmmmm dap dap dap lecuq ayaq liuq ceq!

Happy faces. we are like 7 but you could only see 3 of us because hahahha i was in this shot. so forget about others lol. thus, BANGI-rians make your visit as yup, i'd recommended you guys to try it atleast once in a lifetime (over!) and experiencing the different way of eating a burger with a higher cost. LOL but berbaloi lah with the taste and portion :)

Btw, Sorry for those who aroused over my foodies post since i admit that recently, i wrote more on fashion and err events. yup that are my first concern yet i will try my best to fasten up everything. so that, your supports and loves towards this humble page will keep on growing. hehe thanks guys!

Disclaimer: this is NOT a sponsored post. hahaha


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  1. It's burgers all day long for me, I can't get enough.

    Thanks for your comment on the packing, we're all different and you just have more stuff that me!

    Buckets & Spades

  2. yummy, yummy, yummy!
    Gosh I wanna bite!

  3. trima kasih Saudari Suzai..saye Nasir one of Founder Burgeryte sangat terharu dan ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih dengan komen yg membina buat kami..harap dapat berjumpa satu hari nanti insyaallah..harap kita dapat menyokong produk tempatan ini dan menyokong produk islam..alhamdulillah..

  4. @nasho thanks for this visiting yar sy plak yg terharu. yup u guys r great i do LOVE it especially burger kambing tu serious sedap! keep it up yup of course sy SOKONG 100% Produk malaysia coz imma proud Malaysian! haha sy bangga jd an malaysia hehehehe bole je nk jmp mgkin i bole review 4 other branches hehehehe feel free to contact yar =D


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