360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur 2014 (Review)

This 360 Bazaar Kuala Lumpur is presented by Duriana and PintuMerah and was held on the last weekend (5th and 6th April 2014). thanks Duriana for that invite and also my dearest blogger buddies, Ifa whom finally met after knowing each other like more than 2 years! and Jane for the great meeting. thanks babes. :)

Well, i do hope those photos already explained lorh. obviously, it was a very nice event, good location (Lanai Matic, Jln Ampang), great bargain although i didn't spend much time on shopping as just not in the mood huh!, happening crowd and hey, nice weather too! thank gaddd its stop raining once i arrived. huhu

Another highlight should be the meeting with that trendsetter, Wak Doyok and his The Garment Movement. yup, can't deny that i adore his classical British style so much. very independent and inspiring. hahahha sure i'm following his insta lah kan. keep it up wak!

Then, for those who missed this event, not to worry as i'm sure there will be more more in the future. just stay alert and watch this space! ok thanks for visiting and reading yar. :)

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  1. Kak Asuzai, gambar lawa, Wak Doyok handsome and all the pictures explained everything ! Love it. ;)

  2. ambik gambar ngan wak doyok ye....jeles ar...asik lupa je bazaar ni...

  3. There's a lot of booths there. Bestnya! Nak join. Hopefully july august nnti ada.


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