Salam Eidul-Fitri 2012

Salam Syawal 2012, i wish a very HAPPY EID MUBARAK to all the Muslims all over the world. sadly, the Ramadhan has left us again and hopefully we'll still get the chance to meet it on the next year..Insyallah. i guess lot of you were already starting to visit the family members, clumsily eating loads of oily and fat food haha and if you are lucky enough, collecting the 'angpow Raya'. haiyoo..chill guys as we still had 29 days to go!  =)

thus, i'd like to take this opportunity to say SORRY on every mistakes that i've done directly or indirectly. no matter what it takes, the bad words a.k.a the curses that i've used in here or maybe any sensitive story that i've wrote that might effected you emotionally. hehe..the cliche quote, everbody made a mistake! therefore, i'm very sorry and do please forgive me...

OK, i know that my digital Raya card here is quite annoying to your sight and was overacting! haha..the reason was i wanted to give the teaser of my Raya look which i'm wearing a turban style hijab today. so, those photos were captured last night when i was trying my best following the tutorial from the Hijabista mag. thank you for sharing the steps, Sheril Sheridan.  =)

lastly, i wish you had a GREAT Raya with the beloved family and friends. mine was just like the previous-previous Raya in which i don't really had the opportunity to be super happy on this kinda festival. i'm not hating it but i'm not really enjoying it. sorry, as it is extremely privacy to be discuss in detail...

again, HAPPY EID MUBARAK 2012 to all my dearest readers. thanks for all the love and supports and i LOVE you soooooo much!!


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  1. you got such a sweet blog! maybe you like to follow each other? Let me know on our blog! I follow you for sure:)

  2. MIXT-->will visit u soon ok dear :)

    kak ogosh syg--> tq akk..selamat juge :)

  3. peace no war.. hehehe SHRMZB! :)


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