Look #58 - The Most Casual Evening

By Thursday, August 16, 2012 ,

i know your first impression would be treng treng treng...i'm looking slimmer!! hehe..Alhamdulillah, my diet program is working and i'm still trying very hard to loss more weights as to achieve my ideal weight, i need to remove atleast 10kg! hmmm...that is my ultimate goal right now.

lets talk about the ordinary outfit here. the knit sweater had been worn before but the jeans and the wedges are new items. both are from F21 and Vincci. you can hardly seeing me walking in a heels/wedges on a casual day but since i bought that wedges, i was like wearing it non-stop. its very comfortable and successfully executing my feminine side which i always cover it up with a pair of jeans. =P

then, i'm sure the girls are still busying with their Raya preparation. whilst, i'm doing nothing here, no baju kurung baru and no plan for shopping as i'm not in the mood at all. be honest, my life is quite complicated when it comes to Raya time and i'm freaking hate it. sorry readers, this is too personal...

thus, i wish you guys a HAPPY EIDULFITRI @ SELAMAT HARI RAYA and i'd likely wanna apologize for all the bad words or the curses that i've used in here. sorry for everything and i wish you guys had a blessing Raya celebration..insyallah.. :)


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  1. I wish you a very happy eid to you and your family :)



  2. tq soo much miss p-cock...slmt hari raya utk awk juge yerr :)


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