Eidulfitri 2012 with Jovian Mandagie

yup, i'm definitely dying to wear one of those featured above especially the FIRST and the LAST one. the cut and the pattern combo are sleek, simply elegance and chic! well, i've already owned one of such design. try to review my bright yellow baju kurung that i wore at my cousin wedding. hehe...CLICK HERE.

For sure, Jovian Mandagie is one of my favourite designer besides the fabulous Rizalman. he is well-know with his couture collection of the 'Malindo' (Malaysian-Indonesion) touch. born in Indonesia and raised in Malaysia would likely explain his brilliant combo idea! for detail explanation of his hall-of-fame achievement, go and check out the official page at jovianmandagie.

so, wanna get the glitzy glam on this coming Eidulfitri with his impeccable collection? kindly visit the the full lookbook by CLICK HERE.

do not have to worry girls as for your information, he is selling those awesome pieces at the First Lady store! like seriously?! haha..i think i will make my way to the store soon since i've already missed out the 20Rizalman collection at the Tesco previously...

haha..this is absolutely out of topic! you know what, i've met him at my cousin engagement day on the last year. Oh, please do not ask for the photo as he was rushing to go back and i was totally STUNNED and SPEECHLESS!! haha..the funniest moment is i was like dropping my jaw and my sister was in total-confusion and suddenly asking me, WHO IS HIM?!? LOL hahahaha XD

*** photo are credited to JOVIANMANDAGIE ***


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  1. wah...inspirasi baju raya yang menarik haha....untunglah berduet boleh beli designer made hehe....lagi untung kalau dah bekerjaya mcm Suzai hehehehe!

  2. wah...akak dah beli baju rizalman baru perasan baju dia....hope next year dapat baju dia plak...

  3. wahhh comel2 design dia.


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