Look #59 - The Look of the Eidulfitri 2012

Salam Syawal..

Finally, here is my Eidulfitri 2012 look in which i'm not following any trendiest trend of the season. furthermore, this modern kebaya was actually bought 2 weeks before Ramadhan for attending my cousin's E-Day and was being worn only that once! thus, i decided to just having it as my Raya outfit...

Sounds boring huh?! yup, this year was the worst Raya i've ever had. there is nothing special about it except on the 6th Syawal when me and my hostel-mates visited our friend's house around K.L and Kajang. assuredly, i will write a special post for it since it was a very long day with an adventurous story between it.

Talking about that simple but 'hot' modern kebaya. personally, i love the cutting and the colour so much since it successfully outlined my curve and helping me to look much much more slimmer than the 'real' one. hahaha....the effect was bombastic! Oh, i got it at RM129 and for me, it is OK lah~ because i don't fancy the material of the bottom part although the detailed on the top is a very nice one.

Thus, please do not expect for another Raya outfit because i got none of it. yup, this is the only one since i'm not really into the mood but Thanked God as i saved a lot on the shopping part...Alhamdulillah. then, again and again, i wish you guys a HAPPY EID MUBARAK and lets fast for the Syawal 6th! InsyAllah...


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  1. classic juga...ingatkan nak g beli baju Jovian aritu kan..

  2. HAHA kn cam ala ala bebaya nyonya gtuh..xmo la kak i dh g usha JM tuh..bese je la bjunyerr.so..better cr lein je hehe

  3. makin kurus...i yg xkurus2 nih..

  4. Wah very pretty with kurung nyonya..

    Selamat Hari Raya.. :)

    new house ke?

  5. yana cyg-->tq dear n still working on it...huu mari lah berusaha brsama sempena convo bln dpn yang :))

  6. kak wawa-->tq dear..hehehe xd lar ni kat umh baru MAKCEK sy! hehe tumpang photoshoot sat..haha

  7. Wow masyallah Su u look so hot masyallah!!! This kebaya is awesome!!!


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