Photo Diary #4 - Selamat Hari Raya!

Salam Syawal..

So, here how i started my Raya! it was already the 6th of Syawal when me and my beloved friends gathered and visited our another friend's house. they are my hostelmates/classmates/schoolmates from the year of 2001-2005. yup, i've never met some of them for almost 5 years! so, it was a one day full of joyful and memories. :)

We begin our journey from Kajang --> Puchong --> Sg. Buloh and back to Kajang and Bangi. it was all fun and normal until one of the car accidentally involved with an accident at the federal highway. they hit a DOG! i was in another car just behind them and we saw the unfortunate dog being dragged for almost 2m and we can just screamed without doing anything~ we don't know what happened to the poor dog since the car itself was quite bad.. (><)

Yup, we stopped for a while to deal with the 'trauma' as well as gathering back our Raya mood before continuing the journey. Alhamdulillah, everything was running smooth after that and we ended our Raya at 12 a.m safely.

Insyallah, we have planned another 'Convoy Raya' on this Saturday since one of our friend is getting married. Congrats Mr. Radzi and thanks for the event as lot of our friends will be coming tomorrow. yeahhh..another gathering!! so, wait for the updates yarr.....Selamat Hari Raya!  :)



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  1. Suka baju raya Suzai! Sangat klasik yeah!

  2. hehe kn..nyonya g braya tuh..hehe tq dear :))

  3. looks like you had a lot of fun:) the photos are lovely!

  4. yep, lot of fun! hehe tq dilan but still ur photos r much much more lovely than mine! ><

  5. best nyer dapat jumpa kwn2 lama.


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