New Items from the "F Block"

i'm so sure that right now, all the girls are hardly hunting for Raya. what is the different between man and woman at this moment?, woman needs extra time since we got extra findings and needs! we had to find the latest style of baju raya, the matching scarf for it, the killer shoes, the bag, the chunky accessories to be pair with and the blah-blah-blah.

so, this two items HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH my Raya preparation. Dush!! haha..i just so excited to share on this shop, "F block" which i've been looking for it since the day i saw it in the CLEO mag. it mentioned that the shop is located at Damansara and fyi, i always stay overnight at my sister's home at Kota Damansara but i failed finding the shop until last week when i stumbled upon it at the Sunway Giza. lor..its just like 2km from the house! =P

ok, now lets talk about the items and the pricing. you will be surprise with all the eye-catching accessories hanging in there including the scarves collection. it was all stunning and i just like wanna grab the whole things as the pricing is affordable and can be categorized as cheap for a location like Damansara~

besides, i'm in love with the packaging! yup, their plastic bag is the one with the ribbon on it, its very cute and sweet. hehe..well, although i'm not attracted to the clothing line but i'm so sure that i'll come back soon to grab some more necklaces and scarves! (>"<)

then dearest readers, GOOD LUCK for your Raya preparation and a reminder for myself as well, shop wisely and don't be greedy with the sales!! haiyoooooooo...~


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  1. i penah pergi f-block kat 1utama klu x gile lawa2 n murah baju2 die! kat situ la i bli my rainbow bublegum maxi dress yang i nyesal jual kat org..huhu

  2. lor kat OU ade ke??haha giler lame i dok cr shop ni tau, seriously.ok maybe bju2 die kbetulan time i pegi biasa je kot n dats y i cam kureng tertarik kot.haha then should visit d OU's shop ni =D


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