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Indeed, traveling is my next passion! i really wish that i could travel more and more like 10 times in a year? instead of 3 times at this current moment? lol reminiscing back on the year of 2012 when i took the baby step and traveled to Bandung and Jakarta of Indonesia. then, i slowly drawing the route to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia (Bali & Padang), China and the most unexpected one, Europe which happened just on the last year of 2014. still a LONG LONG WAY to go :) anyhow, thanks Allah for the opportunity. im not coming from a rich family and either myself, i am just a moderate me, a normal employee from 9 to 6 yet i work hard to achieve my dreams and do what i love to do. hence, believe in yourself and JUST DO IT!

Haha actually main purpose of this entry is to share with ya guys this vid. idk but i just love it! High courtesy to Buckets&Spades for sharing this vid omg im dying to own it. its leather, its sleek, its simply great to keep all my basic necessities while traveling especially during the boarding time and immigration check lol ya'll know because passing those pesky processes are real annoying! i've once been asking to take out my cardigan!! (assuredly i cant and refused because i was wearing a sleeveless dress!), shoes and socks and even escorted to a 'closed room' for a vivid checking (in Dubai airport!) well i never know before that my face is quite suspicious though.....LOL haha hence, the lesser the better! 

Essential items during boarding and on-board (well who freaking doesn't know this?)
2. boarding pass / ticket
3. Identification card (not functional when you are a foreigner lol but still..)
4. some local cash?
5. A pen
6. Lip balm / lipstick (haha assuredly only for girls. well remember stay gorgeous!)

I usually strapped a small-tiny purse on the shoulder instead of a big big tote or a backpack because its easier to take care of it and so much easier to find those 6 items listed above! yup all my other belongings and bagsssssssss haha are safely being kept in the kargo! Auch OK suddenly came out with this post is obviously proving that im in the mood of vacation! Oh Damn, i cant wait.....

Thanks for reading btw :)


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