Ahmad N Co. Coffee and Cigar, The Strand

Ahmad & Co. Coffee and Cigar | The Strand, Kota Damansara

I always so anticipated to visit and get a taste of any #hipster cafe around KL or Malaysia. Nah, here is the second version as i just started with the Wood & Steel cafe few months ago. click me for the blogpost. honestly, i visited few others but only being shared in the IG lol i was too lazy i guess? anyhow, this cafe located just few miles from my home in Kota Damansara and yesterday, eventually i made my way :)

Its a cute little cafe furnished with wooden tables and chairs in different different sizes. i fancy the closed front area where it looks so homey with sofa and study table? well i look at it more like a place for a study group or perhaps having any laidback discussion?

FOODS! one of the main ingredient for any #hipster cafe (yeah after the creative interior? to last longer. i swear my housemate speaks the truth, the foods are real good! we ordered the

Bolognese Pasta RM14 
Sloppy Q (that burger!) RM14 
Hot Latte RM10
Apple RM10

Specifically, that pasta tastes like a home cooking. that sauce? the sweetness is overshadowing the sourness of the tomato puree but still ok, still good! no fret, the meat is mushy and more than enough. i guess it is more than the pasta itself lol

Now, that Sloppy Q is really sloppy! i used the folks to eat it but the sauce and the beef were like everywhere! nevertheless i don't have problem with that because undeniably, again the tomato-based sauce is dem good. contradictory, now the sourness is overshadowing the sweetness. oh oh please bite the bread, the meat and the crispy fries ALL TOGETHER in one mouthful. serius tak tipu, the taste is heaven!

OK that latte, as usual i need to add another spoon of brown sugar and a bit plain water to get my favourable taste. then, its PERFECTO :)

Ambiance : 6/10
Food : 8/10
Price : 6/10 (its pricey but the taste is worth your penny!)

Hey as a coffee addict, i do always wanted to share my own view. yup i did pay a visit to few of them, be it in Malaysia or in those foreign countries yet still the list is lacking to its expectation since haha my main obstacle is money! huhu i need to do the saving REAL HARD since traveling as a hobby is not like shooting fish in the barrel LOL thus i come out with this idea 

You are most welcome to contact me for a CAFE REVIEW (around KL and Selangor is preferable) just drop me an email and we'll start conversating yar :)
Email : suzai_smkj3@yahoo.com | FB page : What So Sizzle Bout Sizzling Suzai? | IG : @sizzlingsuzai

Bills paid by my dearest housemate! thanks Kak Amy for belanja me yer hehe and poor photo are being photographed by my humble Note 3


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  1. kena pergi terjah ni..tak jauh dari rumah...and that Sloppy Q burger look tempting... :)


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