Look #203 - Sportswear To Stay Active While Still Stylish

MONKI scarf / Urbanika Tee / HM pants / NIKE shoes / Rip Curl Bag

Once the Sportswear becoming a worldwide trending, i am one of the happiest man on the earth! honestly, i am not that kind of active as i only hit the gym like 3 times in a week. yeah an additional daily routine in my pack schedule! no, im not telling anyone yet though im dying wanna talk about it but it was like only 3 weeks ago when i officially registered as a TF member. so, i rather shut my mouth at this moment. later ah!

More on the outfit, that H&M pants is one of my favourite item. the white line on both sides are successfully outlined my legs to become more slander and longer. err literally! well, its not made for a Yoga routine as the material is not stretchable but not a problem to do other kind of exercises, lets say running on those treadmills?

Im not sure whether the MONKI scarf is available at any store or not since i got it as a gift from MONKI Malaysia. i love the material as it is very less slippery (haha yup this is the most crucial spec!) and featured a fancy print too. hey who says that we need to be sloppy whilst doing workouts?? haha btw mine here is just a simple one, hope to inspired you though. thanks for reading! :)

Photographed by my dear YusfariqIqmal


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