Private Room and The Tansan Scalp Treatment at Number 76

Thanks Xuan and Ellen, both of you are super nice :)
the classy look of Star Hill outlet, love those drawers! lol

NUMBER 76 | Star Hill Gallery

It was a public holiday on the last Wednesday and i was looking forward to pamper myself. then, i chose to get a hair treatment instead of others. quite rare huh? to be honest, i do went to a hair salon but only for the sake of washing and cutting, bad me! truthfully, i am always looking forward to get a special hair treatment yet they were always fail with no vivid reason. plus minus, i don't really nail this field. thus, thanks Number 76 for recommending me to have this scalp treatment. fuh finally!

To be honest, this is my second visit to Number 76 but the last time was in Bangsar click me for the #throwback blogpost. a well-known hair salon among celebrities, models, socialites and i believe that all Malaysian are admiring their dashing touches as can be seen in their instagram acc @number76


Indeed they are really concern towards the customer's needs! no discrimination and the most important is they know how to tackle the customers. brilliant guys! yup The private room is specially made for the hijabers as fyi the Moslim girls are prohibited to expose their hair to public. anyhow, the last sharing click me is showing the private space in Bangsar's yet here in the Star Hill's the room provided is much bigger and exclusive.    


So my first treatment is the combination of Tansan and Scalp Treatment. At first, Ellen applied the Kerastase Specifique Peeling Purifiant to my dry hair. this is an anti-dandruff cleansing treatment that controls scalp itching and flaking while gently cleansing the scalp and hair. Formulated to remove dandruff and help prevent their reoccurance, the long term effectiveness of the Pur Detox System has been scientifically proven. 1 tube is for 1 user and she gently massage in at about 5 minutes and leave it like another 5 minutes, then only rinsed the whole thing. OK this thing feels real good whilst she applying it to each of my hairline, my eyes were slowly becoming smaller and smaller HAHA i was so sleepy as it was soooooo relaxing!

Then, after shampooing and perfectly cleaned, she again rinsed my hair with Tansan Water. this water is utilizes the power of soda gas water (CO2 1000ppm above) and it looks like a normal clean water, no colour changed but its vibrating and when it touches my head i can feel the strong-but-still-comfortable trembling and it feels like massage. haha hence i found its very relaxing and i like it a lot!

Nah, here the result of the Tansan wash! that water is the residue from the washing which you can see its not a crystal-clear water right? that dirt is resulted from the oily and scalps stuck in my skinhead. Euwww gross huh?! HAHA anyhow, i am quite surprise for seeing that its not really bad though because i have already washed my hair a night before plus minus Ellen already applied that scalp peeling --> shampoo --> wash so i guess it helps!   

After done with all the washing, Ellen applied Hair Tonic and Hair Serum to my dry hair before blow it. she even curled my hair to add volume to it. OMG i feels sooooooo fabulous with the new healthy, cleaned and voluptuous hair! yeah HAHA i feel soooo seeexaaaay with those curls and new bouncy hair! i know im suck but sorry guys i can't show you the end result but i promise you that their magical touch, their great services and their friendly and warm staffs will satisfy you! :')

As informed by Ellen, The overall cost of my treatment here is RM200+. Wow im so glad to receive such opportunity, thanks NUMBER 76 !! im sure will comeback very soon for another treatments and yeah to also get the new cut for this hair. Nah, they have 3 outlets ready to serve you; Mid Valley (in the North Office yar), Bangsar 2 (the Bangsar 1 is already closed) and this one, the Star Hill Gallery. Pay them a visit for your next haircut!

For more info please visit the Official page Number76


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