Look #202 - Imma Big Big Girl

Scarf from Couertesy_KL / Topshop Top / MONKI tartan shirt / Bershka jeans / Nike shoes / F21 Bag and Ring

The theme of the night is my ultimate liking, the streetwear. hence, i just grab whatever in my wardrobe as all of them are resembling the style. no doubt! i was keen to wear that sleeveless top since i just found it when i cleaned out my old clothes. i still remember that this is one of the 1st Topshop that i own. extremely precious! then, obviously i need an outerwear. repeating that Tartan shirt from Monki and leaving the sleeve to be unbuttoned and "slothfully" trendy.

Scarf wrapping is another highlight of this look. it was actually being worn in here but it looks totally different in this whole outfit. thus, if you feel like you kind of bored with your bunch of scarves and scare that your friend might teasing you of wearing the same one, fret not! refresh it, change the style, and change the way you wrap it. undoubtedly, the result will surprise you! thanks for reading guys :)

Photographed by my babe JessyTheKLChic


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  1. Cantik! Ajar posing boleh. Hehehehe, iday sekarang kalau pose memang tak kena. Haha

    1. HAHAHA boleh je iday bile nk jmpe tu??? LOL hehe tq


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