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By Friday, October 02, 2015 ,

Salam yeah Happy Weekend people!  =)

Remember my previous post saying that i am the part of Hijabista Mag #SpecialProject ?? click here for the blogpost or more like the 'behind the scene' of above photograph. this project is like an extended pages of the magazine which sharing 80 fashionista reflecting the Kuala Lumpur Streetstyle and Alhamdulillah i am a part of them! 

OK it is actually divided into some categories; Streetstyle or Casual, Office or Formal and Sport attire. as for my part, i was requested to show my officewear in which i was TOTALLY BLANK hahahha because honestly my job, my company don't have any rule on the attire wherein saying that we don't have to wear formal! well, honestly my everyday working outfit is JEANS and Tee / Blouse (usually happened only when i know that i have an important meeting on that day or else a simple tee is always my pick! lol) and yup assuredly, NO HEELS! only safety shoes lol haha hence, thats explaining the dumb look above lol i'm sorry guys as it is not up to your expectation....

Anyhow, i am super flattered to receive this opportunity. again, thanks Hijabista Magazine thanks Kak Suzie hope to meet you guys again and again hahaha in another word, nak feature lagi boleh?? LOL congratulation on the huge success as i was told that this month issue is selling tooooo toooo fast! even it was so hard for me to finally found one. hint: i finally got this at Popular 1 Utama ok. hehe

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  1. congratulations sis! One step ahead! Lepas ni tengok Sizzling Suzai kat tv puloks :)

  2. Wahhhh....cun..cantik..comel..semua ada....lawa la kasuttttt


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