No. 8, Jln 13/6, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Operation Hour 10am - 9pm / Fri Sat 10am - 10pm 

On the last weekend, i was too lucky to be invited to the Jump Street KL. we're given 2 hours to tour the park and being guided by the cute and bubbly, Ms Azlia as our instructor. she is so warm and sweet briefed us one-by-one of the areas and even demonstrated the right 'way' to do the jumping. yup i learned A LOT, you're so cool Lia! :)

The first and the Largest Trampoline Park in Asia, Jump street is here in Malaysia! one is located in Kuala Lumpur and another one is in Penang. Jump street park is an amazing urban playground for adults and children alike, with hundred interconnected trampolines from the floor right up the walls. Providing 8 attractions and over 100 trampolines under this one roof!

Oh you'll be given a special socks as shown. it has rubber grips at the bottom part so that it help to avoid slippery moves. yup you need to add RM5 for the socks when you do the registration. more details on the pricing is as followed:

Pricing (inclusive GST and pricing is per hour)
Off peak (Mon/Tue/Wed)             : RM 22
Peak (Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun/Pub Hol) : RM 27

Main Court

The biggest and the highest action space with over 9,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines. jump from mat to mat and bounce your body off the walls. perhaps practice your parkour moves here! its more like free-and-easy area in here.

Foam Pit

Fly high and landed safely into a pit filled with thousands of soft foam cubes. HAHA please take note that it was freaking hard to get out from that "sea" once you sank into it and yup, i still failed to do the back-flip in here although ive been trying like thousands times LOL

High Performance & Big Bag

As the name mentioned, high performance caters for the truly serious athlete. six olympic-sized and olympic-spec tramps will provide the perfect environment for you to hone the skills. jump high and land on the massive cushion of air! trust me that trampoline is not made for me as it will take you seriously HIGH to the sky and errr it was quite scary to think that you need to throw yourself onto that 'big bag' HAHA well, atleast ive tried it twice! hehe then landing like a cempedak busuk LOL

Dodge Ball (my fav!!)
err dahsyat betol abang2 ni melompat yer "^^

Indeed, this is the BEST part. definitely different from the traditional dodge ball as this trampoline dodge ball will test your balance, reflexes strength and extremely dehydrating! HAHA because you will need to run while jumping from mat to mat and in the same time beware and attacking back those enemies. what an adrenaline rush game!

Slam Dunk

Wanna feel like an NBA star? fly through the air and slam dunk that basketball! yup another favourite of mine HAHA because i was so dying to try it once i saw the real game long time ago! and well who doesn't enjoy basketball? got 3 goals and 1 is a bit lower to suit the children's height.

The Cage

Specially for your little one as young as 3 years old. Now everyone can jump! HAHA ok im so sure your kids will love to bounce from mat to mat. but please note that for safety reasons children under 3 must be accompanied by a paying adult at all time and will only allowed to jump in The Cage.


The basic necessities are all provided. Toilet, Cafe, Lockers, water-coolers are everywhere!, shoes rack and the best one is Surau. Alhamdulillah :) well, my personal thought is i am highly recommended for you guys to give it a try. OK atleast once! because im so sure that you'll be enjoying it to the max and dying to comeback at anytime. HAHA honestly 1 hour is not enough and yeah 2 hours is so-so. hence, get ready with an extra money because you'll be sure gonna need it! hehe thanks for reading though for

Meet my blogger buddies from left Azhari, Kak Rara, Ida, Iqmal, our instructor Lia, Kak Diya, Kak Hanim, Me who is looking so fatty and stupid lol and Madi. we're missing Abg Hafiz in here. it was seriously fun knowing and 'playing' with you guys. hehe thanks Kak Diya bucuk macam and insyAllah till our next meeting yar guys!  

Thanks @jumpstreetasia #jumpstreetasia #jumpstreetkl


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  1. hahaha landing like cempedak busuk is it?? Suzai landing like in stylo ok! :D

  2. tgk 1st gambar dah kagummm dahh..style habis..bila nak repeat suzaiiii

  3. dah lama teringin ke sini. tak ajak. fine!


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