Wishlist : Cross Strap Flat Sandal

By Friday, August 29, 2014 , ,

OK the first one is to-die-for and that is my utmost favourite! its so fashion-forward, masculine look, chunky and definitely comfy enough for me to walk in it for the whole day. i've been looking atleast a bit similar with this on this few days but failed. well, obviously i don't afford Balenciaga but a splurge of it assuredly can do. now, the major problem is WHERE TO GET IT?  :'(

Then, i also fancy the second one as the bold platform sure can higher my petite size LOL although the crisscross strap is not really appealing as i guess they are too bulky for my cute-tiny feet LOL hahaha but still i fallen deeply in love with the thick platform! so again, the major problem is WHERE TO GET IT?  :'(

Will continue my hunting on next week until i found either one of these babies!


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