Only to the INSPIRIT: INFINITE "BACK" MV and DANCE version

SungYeol / L / Hoya / SungKyu / SungJong / WooHyun / DongWoo

Auuchh my KPOP fever is back!! bear with me dearest. hahaha if you are not the kpop fan, then just please skip this one ah! hehehe so, being an INSPIRIT since long time ago, INFINITE is always DAEBAK!

so, this new track is definitely wowed me at the first time i heard it. its different though as the song initiated with a slow beat by my seobang, SungKyu's angel voice. goshhhh deeply falling in love with him....... >"<

MV  / Story version 
CLICK here

DANCE / Performance version
CLICK here

nothing else could i say besides ya'll tell me on HOW CAN I STOP LOVING THEM?! huhu yet this song is so addictive and the choreography as always never failed to impress.  definitely KING OF SYNCHRONIZATION, INFINITE Hwaiting!!


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