STYLE to steal : Tamu Mcpherson

Shame on me! yup, i've never known this pretty bird before until when i stumbled upon an article featuring her as an Everyday Icon is absolutely caught me! that first photo of her wearing a sleek white shirt and bold yellow knit sweater being wrapped around the neck while sipping a coffee is just blowing my mind. simplistically classy!

I continued scrolling above photos which then i know she is definitely my fashion mogul. her sense of style is feminine mixed with menswear is well-defined in every single shot. i am so much inspired on how she still looks so stylish with no heels, no accessories and only playing with bold colour to pop up the whole outfit. minimalism is always be my own personal kinda style. truthfully love it!

OK a bit about her through my reading via her page All The Pretty Birds. Based on Milan, she starting her fashion career after quit being a lawyer by photographing street style shots for Glamour mag. soon after that, she widened the scoop contributing for Glamour US, Harper's Bazaar US, Metro and Refinery 29. now, she is the proud style director for Out There.

Photo and story courtesy of H&MLife


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