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Salam Syawal.....still right?! hehe sorry for the looooong hiatus here as i was not in the right mood to blog and plus minus a little bit busy juggling with my personal life. yup will share some of my Raya moment soon after the Syawal end. will sort all the photos together and summarizing my 2014 Raya. soon ah! :)

So, here will ramble on the Mary Kay at Play collection which i received month ago and which i am super excited to share with ya'll! OK Admittedly, i'm not a pro when reviewing about beauty stuff as i am just a lover not enough to be a junker. anyhow, my humble opinion would be purely based on my opinion and view when plying with these beauties.

Mary Kay At Play™ Baked Eye Trio (Neapolitan) 2g

Got 3 vibrant colours in 1 shade. its perfectly harmony where you can mix and match the 3 colours and its actually available in 4 shades; Neopolitan, Electric Spring, Sunset Beach and Field Day. click here to view the others. sell at RM40 and my below look is just a simple combination of the very left; light gold and the middle; dark bronze. light purple is used as the highlight at the center.

Well, it is very easy to get a luminous finish look although by just using your bare fingers! sorry i know this is tooooo lazy of me but i have no choice when i do my eyes in a car during my way back to the kampung. LOL hahha but hey, i love the finish look here sooo much! 

The colours are intense, supersmooth and evenly applied in just one glide. honestly, i do always love glittery shade as it is easy to execute a glam look yet don't have to try very hard because i am not a mascara / fake eyelash user. so, i need a strong eyeshadow who can stand alone without the others. hehe love this!

Mary Kay At Play™ Bold Fluid Eyeliner

Oh, I just can't live without a CRAYON eyeliner and hahahha please know that, i always stick with the black one! so, to be having a chance playing with this GOLD LIQUID eyeliner is just splendid. so, my prior expectation is i'm dead! as this sure will get me messy and smudgy! LOL

This Bold Fluid Eyeliner available in 4 shades; Gold Metal, Hello Violet, The Real Teal and Blue My Mind. click here to view the others. beautifully defined eyes light up with high-impact colour and sell at RM35 each. 

Well, look how tidy that gold line is and please know that, it is just in one successful glide. haha no messy, no smudgy look and precise line is created from corner to corner! yup, surprisingly, it is easy to control and the colour is just too intense. i'm fallen in love with this too! >.<

Mary Kay At Play™ Triple Layer Tinted Balm (Atomic Red)

Yup, it is a 3 layers combination which leave your lips feeling supple, smooth and cushioned in moisture. Also available in 4 shades; Atomic Red, Pink Again, In The Plum and Orange You Lovely. click here to view others. sell at RM29.

OK i love the sheer wash of colour which will make my lips rosy without overdoing on the colour because i don't fancy the bold RED lipstick during my working day. so, as always i'd prefer a lip balm just to ensure my lips moisturized and avoiding dryness yet still want some reddish colour on it. please, you should also get this one as to join your other daily lip balm as this is absolutely a one.

Lastly, Thanks all! :)


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