Look #145 - Don't Block My Way!

By Monday, August 25, 2014 , , ,

Scarf Gift by Mom / Uniqlo Basic Shirt / HM Top / Bershka Jeans / 
Rip Curl Backpack / Boot from Bandung

That electric blue top worn as outerwear is a new item from H&M. purchased at only RM39.90 during the last season sale. then, pashmina is a gift by mom from Mecca. thanks MamaEton! last buy not least, ta-da finally got a new backpack which i successfully redeemed via Zalora at RM179.00. Oh, love the roomy space inside it plus the flourish prints outside it so much! yup, will reveal it closely soon yar. :)

Dearest, i am well-known that lately i am quite lazy to update. huhu sorry for those who keeps on following, i love you guys so much! anyhow, you are most welcome to follow my INSTAGRAM @SizzlingSuzai since i'd be there like 24hrs hahahha i am such an #instaholic now lol

Photographed by JoonYoo


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  1. nice patterned scarf :)



  2. Don't block my way! Ada gaya betul for the title and pose ^^


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