[Review] Acne Marks and Brown Spot Removals

NANO White Intensive De-Pigmentor Serum

As displayed on the side bar fav post, yes i am using NANO White Skincare for my beauty regime. starting from the cleanser to the toner to the moisturizer and here the serum as well as the eye brightener! focusing on the serum, it started when i asked the sales person on which one is good to reduce the stubborn spots on my skin as Nano White got 3 kinda serums. hmmmm

As said, this serum is brightening concentrate to reduce acne scars, brown spots and other skin discoloration. so, i gave it a try and yup, in like 2 weeks can already witness the effects. the discolorations are all slowly fade away and my skin looks more radiant. satisfy and happy, i continue using it and till now, its already the 3rd bottle!

So, i think this product is really really worth of trying. affordable and effectiveness are a great combo tho. Oh to get a better result, please use the REFINING TONER beforehand as it gonna help to open up those pores. so, when you apply this serum afterwards, the skin gonna absorb more in which it fasten the process. woohoooo Good Luck! =)

Hiruscar Post-Acne

Found this in a magazine and i wanted to try it since my skin was dying from acne scars here and there. it is a clear gel in which it says that you need to apply 2 or 3 times in a day! errr obviously i failed to follow the instruction but i didn't skip a day lah. atleast. =P

Well, i didn't notice the result and i am not really sure about whether the scars were fading because of the serum or this gel. LOL hahhahha yup, i am so much impatience myself as i used both in the same time! HAHHAHHAHA XD

Anyhow, i should say the result is NO fast at all. yup, it does fading the brown spots / acne marks but i'd say it will take like atleast 3 weeks? anyhow, the best thing about this is you can concentrate on the spot that you want it to be removed as the texture is easy skin absorption and non-greasy one. hmmmm...also worth of trying to whom who got serious scar which is very uncomfortable to be seen! :)

Just sharing on my own opinion and experience. Thanks for reading dearest!


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