Wide Hijab Tutorial For This Ramadhan

courtesy of my dear hazanis tq for sharing ya ^^

Salam Ramadhan :)

well, i know that i haven't post any welcoming Ramadhan entry yet. sorry for that. nah, i guess this post can also do lah. hehe so, finally Ramadhan is back! Alhamdulillah as Allah SWT still given us the chance to enhance ourselves by improving our deeds. noted that everything is double paid in this holy month! hehe thus, let us chase it as much that as we could. insyAllah..

i am actually super excited over this year's Ramadhan and insyAllah the coming Syawal too since my family just built a new home in our village. so, the feel is totally difference. i can sense the rejoice and the delightful of the celebration soon. hopefully! yup imma happy kid here. hehe

oh that hijab tutorial is one of the style that i've been searching for quite a long time. its undeniably modest and super duper gorgeous! insyAllah. btw, as successfully done on the last Ramadhan, my own challenge of #30DaysModestyChallenge or better defined as #30DaysWearingOnlySkirtOrLoosePants will be continued. i don't intend to share the look day by day in here or IG as i was too lazy to everyday capture the #ootd but i will try my best to do what i could do. hahaha LOL

till then people, thanks for reading and SELAMAT BERIBADAH. :)


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