Look #144 - Life Is Too Beautiful To See My Sorrow

 Scarf from Guangzhou / HM blouse / Forever 21 Maxi Skirt

 Salam Ramadhan..  :)

Alhamdulillah as today is already the night of 23rd in which we are in the race of chasing the Lailatul Qadar insyAllah. my main concern is i do hope that all the Ibadah that i've done are being accepted by Allah SWT. they are nothing if they were being rejected since i know that i'm still left with so much of weaknesses. may Allah forgive me, my both parents, my sister, my relatives, my beloved friends and you guys as well amin..

So, this was taken at the Bagan Lalang when me and the #GengAnehAneh were having our iftar together. i was late with Mr Bedek. so, only able to capture these #ootd #WearingOnlySkirtOrLoosePant shots huhu

Well, I love this look as its simply modest yet very comfortable. nevertheless, it soften my whole appearance. hahaha. so, the top is a brand new item got at HM with only RM39.90 woot woot thanks to the recent End Season Sale! then, the skirt and scarf are being repeated over and over again but who cares, right?! hehe have a nice weekend people. :)

Photographed by EzmeeAzuan and Edited by SizzlingSuzai


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  1. muslimah sgt this look...

    ohh.. i melting...ayu agat.. haha~~ XD


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