Look #142 - Modesty

Scarf from IG / F21 Sweater / Cotton On Skirt / Charles&Keith Tote & Shoes / Galaxy Gear

Salam Ramadhan.. :)

Wish you guys have a blessing and barakah Ramadhan ever..InsyAllah. well, the day these pictures were being taken which was on Friday and till today, i am not feeling very well. its a package though; fever, flu, headache a bit and coughing. thank gadddd, i am naturally don't have to fast as i was given a valid 'MC' huhu. so, Suzai please drink more water!

Nah, this is the 6th day of me #WearingOnlySkirtOrLoosePants for this Holy month. try to be as modest as i could and well, its not hard to hit the point as when the skirt is being worn instead of pants. i love the light material so much although need to wear something inside as it is too sheer if being worn alone.

Then, everything else are being repeated over and over again except that bold and vibrant orange tote which i got at Charles & Keith as mentioned. oh oh you must know that C&K is my favourite branding of a bag as the design is sophisticated and fresh yet the price is affordable! forget about the word 'splurge' but the material is great too. real indulgence!

Happy Fasting people and thanks for reading yar... :)


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