Malacca Photo Diary

By Tuesday, July 15, 2014 , ,

Salam Ramadhan..

Malacca is so familiar with its historical tales and those heritage architectures and yup, always pack with tourists too especially during a school holiday. as for me, i do always seek for its best foods such Ikan Bakar and seafood at Umbai, countless dining places selling the signature Asam Pedas and the Pantai Klebang's original coconut shake. seriously, you guys definitely need to try these three if you haven't yet!

Night live is another thing that excite me. strolling at the night market, Jonker Walk is a compulsory thing to do. you will also gonna bump onto the Hard Rock Cafe Malacca at the end of the long-trail market. well, i love Malacca as Malacca is always full of excitement!

This was actually a pending post in which this visit was on the last year! hahaha i don't even remember what month anymore yet it is a memorable gateway of me and my dear ex-roommate here before we were being separated afterwards. always missing you, Wanie naget! hehe

Thanks for reading. have a blessing Ramadhan yar.


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  1. oit...jangan la...coconut shake tu....

  2. Woahhh cantiknya gmbr2 dia...

    *akk dh dpt gift dr suzai.. tunggu nanti nk msk dlm blog jer..tq dear.. 😀

  3. What a nice place! I love go to night market too.
    Happy ramadhan!

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