Look #143 - Colours

Photo is being removed by the author as its tooooo ugly! LOL

Salam Ramadhan :)

Yeahh its already day 10th, insyAllah another 20 days to go. Honestly, we shouldn't be relief about it since this holy month is coming only once per year and we never know when will be our last. hmmm..indeed a tazkirah to myself to keep on improving and enhancing oneself.

Well i've never planned to capture and share all the 30 #WearingOnlySkirtOrLoosePants looks yet anyhow, will blog some of it and the others will be just posted in the IG. keep on following as i was actually aiming to show you how i mix 'n match my limited dresses and skirts with those outer wears and blouses. its really fun tho!

Thanks for reading dearest and keep on visiting ok. Night! :)


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