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Salam Ramadhan..  :(

We are still in the midst of moving on from the devastating MH370 which is still not resolve yet, which the scar is still bleeding and which the end route is still in mystery.

Now, Allah is again testing us with the same nature of tragic, the shot down of MH17. Allahuakbar Only Allah knows the best! heard this news at 2a.m while lot of us were sleeping soundly and lot of us were busy wondering and praying for Gaza which we never expect that starting from 2 days ago, we should add another hashtag in our prayer #prayformh17 hmmm real real sad..

Ya Allah, ampunkan dosa kami. jangan kau uji kami dengan dugaan-dugaan sebesar ini lagi. tunjukkan lah jalan kebenaran kepada segala kemungkaran yang ada. semoga kami dan anak-anak kami dapat terus hidup dengan aman dan bahagia di tanah ini, Malaysia. amin..


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