[NEW ALBUM] Super Junior M (too perfect) & BigBang (4th mini album)

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OMO OMO....SUPER JUNIOR!!!! huhu...i miss to see all of you on 1 stage guys and please know that im extremely depress about not going to your 2nd SUPERSHOW LIVE IN K.L on this coming 20th mac 2011...Arrghhhhhhh andwe!!!! oppa mian hae yeo!!!! (T____T)

huhu lets back to the business, 1st of all...guys i know i should apologize for the silent in this whole week ("^^) yup, im just having a hectic week plus the connection is one of the reason as usual! huh!

hemmm...of course i have lots of things to be share with you here which include lots of lots of FOOD hehe and the grand dinner of my kuliyyah where im one of the committee last night. thus, wait for it okeyhh...i promise you the update will be soon after my last mid term paper TOMORROW!!

now, as for the very shorty short update, i just wanna share this HOT NEW ALBUM of K-POP with all the K-POP crazzeeyyyy fans all over the world. Taadaaa~

SUPER JUNIOR M - too perfect (mini album)

image is credited to kenhnghenhac.net

the tracklist

01. 太完美 (Perfection)
02. 命運線 (Destiny)
03. 幸福微甜 (Love is sweet)
04. 表白 (Off my mind)
05. True Love
06. 吹一樣的風 (My all is in you)

**to download please visit CLICK HERE and search for the album..arasso?! ^^

BIGBANG - 4th mini album

image is credited to kenhnghenhac.net 

the tracklist

01. Intro (Thank You & You)
02. Hands Up
03. Tonight
04. Somebody to Love
05. What is Right
06. Cafe

one of the track, TONIGHT official MV..as usual BIGBANG will not disappoint you with their GREAT HIPHOP genre and extremely luxurious bling bling MV!! ^^ seriously... watch this~

**to download please visit CLICK HERE and search for the album..arasso?! ^^

hahahaha...sorry for the NOT-A-FAN-OF-KPOP (i just don't want to say the word anti-fan here coz it hurting me..heheehe) please be patient with my K-POP madness and wait for the next entry okeyhh..more food will be serve here specially for you! Thanks a lot guys and please know that i cherish your effort so much (^,^) ...LOVE AND HUGE for ya...

**the download link is highly credited to http://kenhnghenhac.net/blog/

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  1. cinca?? outuke??

    heee its a bz week dont u think..?

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... SUPER JUNIOR..... i likeeeeeeeeeeee... suke2..... :)

  3. farihah-->huhu actually d main reason is bcoz of d free iium wifi connection...huh bengong sminggu!

  4. wahh..wah..wahh..suzai...tak jeles ke bf ni sbb awk syok dgn mamat korea??haha..gurau je..kumpul la duit..boleh melancong korea jumpa diaorang..

  5. alief-->HHAHHAHAA nk marah camne wak...im still single n available!!! T__T


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