Bruno Mars LIVE in Malaysia 2011 tickets presale date

bruno mars

hey guys, sorry to my fashion&food readers coz i just can't resist of this BIG EVENT that will be happen in a few days soon.....yup, i've been updated about my baby's tour here every minute and every second in my life...huh, WISH HE KNOW IM DOING THIS FOR HIM!!! ("~_____~) yup, i would do the same thing for

look how cute is, can u be cuter than this??? 
ohh can..k, next post next post "^^ ...adooiiyaiiii....

now, let me list out the details of the event first....ta-daaa!! (should be sounds like one of his interviews)

DATE : 10TH APRIL 2011 (aarghhhhhhhh..i wish they can postpone it~)
TIME : 8pm
VENUE : PWTC (Merdeka Hall)
ORGANIZER : Scenique Production

OK, lets talking about the TICKET SELLING date for BRUNO MARS LIVE IN KL 2011, know is prominently NOT SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!!! how can it be sold out when it don't even sell to the public yet LOL~

so, i call out the PIC to confirm it and she said the TICKET will be sell STARTING ON 1st MARCH 2011...huh~ lega gilerrr tak terkata akuh!!!

because the BIEBER tickets's were already sold to the public on the last 21st JAN, i just like o-mai-god the bruno's must be sold too~ ehh apekah kaitan nyerr.....okey next post i cerita lah~ hahaha...meroyan dah...  "^^

therefore, i guess i should stop here or else the NOT-A-FAN of bruno will click the UNFOLLOW button on my blog here...hehhe but to all the fans out there, DON'T WORRY DO PLEASE COME AND CHECK OUT THE UPDATE here from time to time...okeyhh~ ^^

Bruno Mars Pictures, Images and Photos
with the nothing on u, 'bobby' and his best buddy@his second voice ^^

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh...don't ask me DO I LIKE SHAWTY??? because this hottie shawty is successfully made me so I'll always LOVE YOU!! ("^______^)

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  1. argh... bruno mars datang malaysia. jealous!

  2. yup, im so anticipate here..erkk u skg xd kat m'sia ke "^^

  3. where the place if i want to buy ticket on 1 march?

  4. As 4 time being...they didnt gv any info bout the venue yet...ive been searching 4 dat like hell~ ("~~)

  5. nak tanya kat ne die jual the tix???

  6. shippiez...sorry can't help coz they were still kept it as SECRET bout when n where exactly d tix will be they said that it will be EARLY ON MARCH!! "~~

  7. shairazi...the PIC of PWTC's event ms. adriene nah this is the number... 03-77817304 (^^) the latest thing is....THE TIX WILL BE SELL BY NEXT WEEK lah plak!

  8. Hey, the concert's on a sunday. how come u have exams on sunday?

  9. RRDB--> NOW that is not the main prob here coz my uni is normally having an exam on SATURDAY and even SUNDAY!!

    but the thing is.....PLZ POSTPONE THE DATE coz 11th april is my last paper which is just A DAY AFTER 10TH!!!!!!!!! WWAARGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! tension giler!!!!!!!!!!!!


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