the SEXY yet UGLY woman i met!

venessa hudgens
this picture is credited to google

Oppss, im not gonna talk about miss Venessa Hudgens or her sexyback here ("___") but the pic is just for display of the things that buzzing in my head for the last couple of weeks.

the story started when, me and my bestie went out to KLCC where we having fun talking and chatting, then we went back lah after the dinner.

on the way back to the LRT, we walked behind a HOT bareback-mini-skirt lady with a long beautiful hair in FRONT of us. besides us, there were a group of tak cukup umur punyer boys chasing and teasing her. i was like ok who gonna ignore this hot pompuan kan? even i pon dok usha jer sexy giler pompuan nih. =P
must be HOTTER at the front look knn betol lah...hahhaha..

so, i walked a bit faster to look at her face..cun saaaaangaaat ke?? then, she also stop and turned back to talk to her friend about where to go. I WAS LIKE... AAAAUUUUCHHHHHHHHHHH HODOH GILER POMPUAN NIH!! pompuan ke jantan nih???!!! hahahahah...seriously sangat BUROK! (sorry for the harsh word here and later)

yup, she was successfully CAUGHT MY EYES and it get worse when 'she' LIFTED UP HER HAND and NAhhhh engkau HUTAN!!! it is clear enough for you to see her armpit!! YUcckkkkk... this is the DISGUSTING thing i've ever seen!

now, MY PROBLEM here not that i don't appreciate what Allah had created His creatures, but specially dedicated to that 'woman', if you are insecure by your treeetttt...ugly look, so please cover it by the modest cloth ( i don't say that you have to cover it with hijab, it is compulsory for us so, it is your own responsibility...) and remember the most important is IF YOU WANNA WEAR an open sleeve, PLEASE SHAVE YOUR ARMPIT beforehand or otherwise just wear a long sleeve lah~ AAiiyoooo...

okeyh, 'she' is not fat, her body is freaking HOT (thats why she wanna show it) but the pic below is represented her 'ugly' sorry for the owner of this pic erkk~ ("~___~)

end with EEuuwww! =P

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  1. erkhhh...baca pun sudah bikin mau muntah..kalau tengok mungkin saye sudah pitam..~huhuhu..

  2. haha..tol kak mmg XCANTIK lansung..ade gak rse nk muntah lah =P xpaham pe mslh die!


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