I am in despair....

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yes, at first i don't care
but now i'm in despair..

yes, i'm so stubborn outside
but conspicuously fragile inside..

why did i always ended up in the foggy area?
why don't somebody clear it for me?
why do i always have to make a choice??

huh, eventually...
no matter how hard i'll try to avoid it
i know i may lead to the wrong one!

thus, baby please know that,
i did it for you,
i did it for us...........

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  1. Kenapa ni Suzai... hurm, sabar yer... dugaan tu...

  2. azham thanks 4 d consciousness "~~ yup, this time it just bout the stupid thing but why did i always ended up like this...??? why....

  3. what happenned ni suzai.. apa2pun always see things on d positive side. whatever bad stuff happened, it's always there to remind or teach us something. it's part of growing up, dear. :)

  4. thanks farihah...thanks mr. zamri...atleast when im in despair i know u guys r there 4 me......~


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