25 Random Facts About Me


"once you have been tagged,you are supposed to write a note with 25 random,things,facts or goal about you.at the end,choose 5 people to be tagged.you have to tagged the person who tagged you.if i tag you,its because i want to know more about you."

1) my FULL name is SUZAI DATHUL EZAIDAH BT SUKARJO (full kan? haha)

2) during classes, im not a FASHIONISTA at all..(coz im juz wearing a selipar to d class LOL)

3) i have ONLY 2 siblings which is me and my beloved sister, ALONG bucuk macam..

4) im DYING TO HAVE a DSLR! (i think everybody knows this one huh!)

5) im a PIECES and it resembles me a lot! (check it, then u will know me..)

6) i can easily CRY when i watch SAD/TOUCHING scenes in the movie (T____T)

7) i LOVE BOLLYWOOD so much (yup, besides the K-POP!!)

8) i can watch HINDI movie without the substitle!

9) i am the die-hard-fan of MR.SHAH RUKH KHAN (i've a collection of his movie's ORIGINAL VCD!)

10) i LOVE music so much and i will listen to it almost 12 hours in a day!

11) i memorize lots of malay, english, KOREAN and HINDI songs (le masuk Jangan Lupa Lirik tau ^^)

12) i will DIE if my mom knows that i went to a SUPER JUNIOR concert with a RM253 ticket..

13) i have a CUTIE-choc-bear named as B-BEAN COMOT! ("^____^)

14) i LOVE TOM CRUISE (Auuww..Hottie Shawty!)

15) my forever FAV love story is "A Walk To Remember" and "VIVAAH"

16) i LOVE VAMPIRE a lot...truly madly and deeply..

17) i think the guy VAMPIRES are the HOTTEST on the earth!! (esp:Mr. Eric Northman..Arghhh!)

18) im addicted to those vampire series d hottest one 'True Blood' and 'Vamp Diaries' (">,<)

19) im a LOYAL READER of CLEO mag (same lah kt k.nawal ^^)

20) im quite an active student in my campus tau..haha nak gtau gak!

21) im a hot TEMPERED person..huh scary !huh!

22) but i LOVE doing community services (it gv u the pleasure feeling that u can't describe it!)

23) my english VOCABULARY is dem BAD coz i HATE reading!

24) im NOT A GOOD muslim....huuuhuuu im trying to improve it..insyAllah ("~___~)


guys, thanks a lot for spending your time checking on my infamous blog here and reading this all 25 TRUTH FACTS about me, im just wanna you, my beloved reader to know me better.
im tagging these LUCKY 5 blogger entitled my friends for this thing and i do hope you guys do it because i wanna know u guys better too. (^____^)

K.NAWAL from monster is a pink monkey (thanks for tagging me!)
WANIE-chan from Pat Pat Si Ku Lipat
cek FARHIN from Living In Love
cek DAYAH from .mine not others.
cek AZHAM from LoveHateVosovic
Cek MIMIE from Myrmia Melodiea - La perra que

and for those who read this if you wanna do it...PLEASE DO SO and don't forget to 'ring' me erk.
yup, because i wanna know you guys better too! thanks again for all the followers for liking my blog..
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! muahh3x (^_____^)

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  1. hihi dah bace. okay dah kenal dah. :P

  2. hindustan?? u shud kenal sorang sister ni, my best fren jgak yg saaaangat suka crita hindustan. bole ckp hindustan jgak. hehehhh!!

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