Paddington House of Pancakes


now, lets talk about the 3rd interest of mine...F.O.O.D! 1st of all, c'mon everybody lets say Wwoooww..for the name of Paddington House of Pancakes! this restaurant is located in the Mid Valley, ground floor (on the way to the The Garden of Mid Valley) yup, the restaurant looks as expensive as its name and the range of prices is OK-lah because the presentation of the foods are superb as well as the taste of it is of course delighting your always!

The main menu in this restaurant is nothing but the American style dish, pancakes or can be also called in Malay as 'Lempeng'..haha..but it comes with varities type of pancakes, the sweet honey pancakes or the full package with meat and vaggie pancakes and etc. Sorry i've already forgot the names of the menus as i've been there long long time ago..huhu sorry  r for the late reviewing but i still wanna share with you guys since it is my 1st trial and it is NEW thing!

Photobucket i said the presentation of the foods are superb rite?..hahah but the taste is depends on yourself, as for me i don't prefer the pancakes that we've ordered which is the one on the 1st pic..huhu because i felt like i wanna vomit it back but since it is RM 18+, i just keep it safely in my stomach..hahahhaha
mahal kot takkan nak muntahkan..huhu rugi beb!

but the hot Caffè espresso is great and i think it is about RM 8+ (sorry i don't remember any of the prices..hahhah lupe dah lah) overall, i am still recomending you guys to try it at least once in your life time..hehe and don't forget to check on the description of the menu beforehand so that, it will folow your taste....hopefully!

Moreover, for me this restaurant is suitable for you to hang out with your gossiping friends or having a business discussion or can be also a place for you to just enjoy the tea time, it is not a good place to have a great lunch or dinner..ZZZzzzzzzaasss not enough for a Malaysian, we are looking for a rice, rice and rice!

DO PLEASE VIEW my second time with different view of the restaurant in HERE ^^



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  1. why was the first pancake make u want to vom?
    is it dreadfully tasteful or the combination of meat, veggies, eggs and pancake is just not right?

  2. mimie-->yup i juz cant bear d combination of d pancakes n meat..euuwww..XMASOK lah!byk2 mkn mual! XP

    ashraf-->insyAllah..i will ^^

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