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haha..this is not the 'Independent Fashion Blogger' anymore, should change it to the 'Fabulous Food Blogger' blog! whatever it is..everybody LOVE food rite? as we are living for FOOD! hehe..i promise you that the entry about fashion will be coming soon because now i DON'T HAVE ANY CAMERA. honestly, everyday i keep on thinking that i should run to the Low Yatt and steal one camera and NAH, i can capture anything that i want! ("~____~)

arghhhhhhhhhhhh..forget about that..HATE IT!!!

now as the tittle above 'ICE ROOM', it is not a place for you to play with the ice and dreaming like you are in the snowy land of NARNIA! hahhahahha..sounds like you've heard this sentence..huh! ^^
i know that everybody are familiar with the name, ICE ROOM. this franchise is located at Bandar Baru Bangi (Aiiyoo..i don't know what section LOL~) but it is besides the PKNS Shopping Complex in Bandar Baru Bangi. =)


what is so attractive about this restaurant?? for me, i'd say the DESIGN and the REFRESHING GREEN colour of the building had excited me and my sister to visit it. we were eager to try it since the 1st time we heard about it on the Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan long time ago.

we were excitedly open the menu and looking for our favourite ice-cream flavours which are for me i LOVE VANILLA so much and my sister pick is nothing but the CHOCOLATE! sadly, WE WERE DAMN BADLY DISAPPOINTED as the choices of the ice-cream flavours ARE ONLY 12 and all of them are not my fav...hey, GIVE ME MORE lah!

and the most important thing is...there are NO VANILLA and NO CHOCOLATE flavor!!!!


eventually, we just ordered a 'Black and White' ice cream (huhuu sorry don't remember the exact name of it but it sounds like that and white something...hahha) that cost us RM8.90.

actually we wanted to try their side orders which is something like pasta but the waiter came and said..
"opps, sorry we don't have that on this moment." 
then we cancel it and look for a thing like bread and the waiter again said
"opps, sorry we also don't have this one..ok right now we have only this and this..hemm..this one we don't this one also and these whole things also"
WTH!!! im just blankly exchange the look with my sister.....treeet trreett tteeeeeetttttt...

muka along yang dah xsemangat lansung! haha

the photo looks like im enjoying myself huh! NO IT IS JUST a pro commercial acting by me. huhu..sorry to say this but I DON'T THINK that i will visit this restaurant anymore. yup including my sister. ok, we will if only they ADD MORE CHOICES of the ice-cream flavours. insyAllah, i will consider it.. ><

hey, don't you know that CHOC and VANILLA are the basic flavours because lot of people LOVE it and we are not even giving sheeett about red peas, durian and so on! lastly, i rate this so-cold restaurant as 1.5 out of 5!

hemmm...lastly sorry if there is any person hurt by this entry as it is 100% based on my opinions and my bad experiences! ("~____~)

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  1. interesting.
    perhaps I'll try and ask myra to come along with me to the Ice Room nearby her office to have our own experience!!

  2. rse2 ak pn pnh come across kdai ni kt nilai, seremban..
    haha, lps bce komen ko msti pki 2kali gak la nk g sne~

    ["choc n vanilla flavour are a must..." agree!]


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