the MTV World Stage ROADSHOW's story

 hah..i've been trying to post this entry as soon as i'm back from the event!
unfortunately, i lost my dearest PHOTOSHOP plus the free-and-only internet connection that i've been used here in my campus is SUPER SLOW....huh...

guess, where am i now... can say that i am addicted to this blogger-blogger things-lor
as now i am in my ENGINEERING KULIYYAH's software lab
yup, just because i wanna update my blog!

okeyh..the story..
for those who don't read my previous entry
(about the event)
you will just don't get the idea of what i am doing there..

to begin with, on the last 18th July 2010,
there was a MTV Live Stage 2010 Roadshow at the Sunway Pyramid
hemm..obviously i go there as i'm dying to get the FREE pass for the concert..
and yup, I DON'T GET ANY OF IT...argggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

huh, forget that..i've already gave up by now
(hahhaha senang je give up erkk~)
actually i have other program on the same date.. T__T
but overall, the roadshow was AWESOME  ^__^
as i got the chance to meet my LOVER ^___^
DJ Hafiz from the FLY FM+showdown 2010
oppss....will you like to be my LOVER HAFIZ..?????
(this is an intentionally proposal ~___~ )

the gorgeous(can be used ONLY on him) and the super-HOT MTV VJ UTT!!!
here the proved...(gurls be prepared har...hahhaa)

hahhahaha...i am SUPER HAPPY
(can look on my miang grin there.... >____< )
k lah..lets take a look at the syok sendiri photos of me and my hangout buddy..
the pretty Wanie-chan..thanx a lot for following me there erk~

Sunway Pyramid can be one of the best loacation to shoot GREAT photos the place is beautiful at day 
and happening at night...
seriously...... ^____^

now..its time to talk about FASHION..
hahah nothing much lah..i just wore the things that i am most comfortable with...
but the HIGHLIGHT of my style that day is....
the new HIJAB STYLE that i've learned trough one of the muslimah fashion blogger..
i LOVE it so0ooo much and thanked to her..
do please visit her blog...HIJAB STYLE
(the link is on the right of this entry)
here is my look...  ^___^

guys, thanks for reading and do please remember..
to CLICK the FOLLOW button on my blog..hehehehehehe
really really appreciate it....

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