Community Service 2

DATE               : 22nd til 28th June 2010
LOC                  : Kg. Teji and Kg. Abu, Cameron Highlands

COMRADE here means Community Research for Orang Asli Development and this was my 2nd times involvement of their programs. The objectives of this club are to bring the outside world to the community as well as to teach the Islamic knowledges towards the villagers.

our journey from the IIUM gombak to the village took about 4 hours. The bus has to stop there when we arrived at the highway just before Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, as that is the only way to get through the village. yup, we have to walk about 40 minutes since only a lorry can go on the road which was already occupied with all of our stuff.

So, on the very first day, we cooperate with the villagers to build the tents as for our main venue for the whole 1 week of the programe. then, the next day we were divided into groups and were given 3 adopted families for each group.

then, on the next-next day, there are lots of activities with the villagers which are:
opening/closing ceremony, performing solat together, doing the islamic practical teaching, cooking the breakfast/launch/dinner together, visiting each other, organizing the Sports Day with the combination of Kg. Teji and the Kg. Abu and etc.

opening/closing ceremony

visiting the adopted family, having dinner together and performing solat jemaah

Islamic practical teaching

Sports Day

Ration distribution

my task there is to handle the super-active kids ^_^
huhu it is TIRING of course but at the end i LOVE my job coz the kids LOVE me and i LOVE them too!

thanks to my module-mates kak fairus and kak azie, best friend forever..

now its the time to get back to K.L..huuuu it was a sad moment for us as we have already stayed that for a week but we still have to say GOODBYE right..before we leave, we did a wida' prayer together.
and again we have to go through the hard and only way to get off from the village. Alhamdulillah, we were able to pass all the hardcore and hopefully our scarification will be pay!

 it is lot of days right? yeah, you can be bored and too tired in the beginning but it will slowly turns out to be FINE if you keep in your mind that you are doing the GOOD thing in your life and especially in the ISLAMIC perspective. i know that i am not a PERFECT MUSLIMAH but someone said that,

" in order to do da'wah, you cannot wait for yourself to be perfect because it might be too late.."

the bridge to Kg. Abu (the neighbor of Kg. Teji) and the village view

 the memories..

 so lets us together do 'something' that we are able to do although it just a small-small thing...its ok dowh ^_^

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