K-POP GIRLS madness

hahaha..sorry about the Super Junior pic there
i just can't help it!!  XD
i am so confused about what today entry should be..
and finally I've chose to story about my K-POP GIRLS craziness
for whom who still BLUR-BLUR about what is those 3 words (K-POP) mean.. 
POP-->(also known as Kayo/Gayo in korean) originally derived from the word POPULAR.

so, this madness was started in me in the early 2006..yup, it is quite new
but soon after it got into me, it exploded successfully..
 heh heh heh the reasons why i pick ONLY GIRLS groups are:

1st, my favourite BOY GROUPs are too much too be mention ^___^

2nd, the BOY GROUPs are already FAMOUS-amous all over the world
(so, i am too lazy to tell you about the facts that you are already know)

3rd, as a girl, i don't discriminated the bunch of  GIRLS GROUPs in the K-POP
as they are all talented and of course GORGEOUS!

(n___ n) lets take a look at MY fav KPOP GIRLS GROUPs list

8th place is SNSD (소녀시대)

also known as So Nyeo Shi Dae or Girls Generation
debut:July 2007 
company:SM Entertainment 
HOT success single:"Gee" 
reason of place:  
yup, they are all beautiful girls but they don't have voice (except Taeyeon okeyh)
as well as the dance aspect (the poorest compare to the other groups)
uhuuh sorry to the fans >__<

7th place is T-Ara (티아라)

company:Mnet Media
HOT success single:"Lies" 
reason of place:
I love them since the 1st debut but i think the main reason why i like this group is because almost of all their songs are NICE (TTL, Bo Peep Bo Peep, I Go Crazy Because Of You, I'm Really Hurt and etc)
but in the aspect of singing and dancing, they are just ordinary!

6th place is  WONDER GIRLS (원더걸스)

debut:early 2007 
company:JYP Entertainment 
HOT success single (asia):"Tell Me" 
HOT success single (world):"Nobody" 
reason of place:   
same goes here, comes with beauty but they can't sing..
oppss..but they are really-really good dancers!

5th place is AFTER SCHOOL (애프터스쿨)

debut:17 January 2009
company:Pledis Entertainment 
HOT success single:"AH!" 
reason of place:  
this group is really a HOT girls group as all of the 8 members are totally GORGEOUS and BODYLICIOUS (hey, im not a LES okey..im just impressed  '~__~ u all nih!)
and their dance skill are SUPERB although the voice is just so-so...

4th place is 2NE1 (투애니원)

debut:6 May 2009
company:YG Entertainment 
HOT success single:"Fire" 
reason of place: 
i don't know why this group is not having lot of publisities,
but personally i love them as they can sing and dance REALLY WELL!
it is FUN to watch them perform live and all of their songs are also SUPERB.

3rd place is KARA (카라)

company:Daesung Entertainment 
HOT success single:"Mister" 
reason of place: 
well, i really HATE them when their 1st debut on the song "Pretty Girl" because of their 'aegyeo'/cute images..really not my type!
but as soon as they change their image on the album "Mister" and "wanna", i started to love them and agree that they have their own abilities as a singer and dancer. 

(this is hard to decide)  
2nd place is Brown Eyed Girls (브라운 아이드 걸스)

HOT success single:"ABRACADABRA" 
reason of place: 
actually, i don't know whether B.E.Gs in the 2nd/1st place because i LOVE all the things about them, their voice, their dancing skills, their HOT+sexy images and their personality.
but due to the HIT songs i decided to put them at the number 2.

so here it is...
the number 1 of my favourite KPOP GIRLS GROUP...

1st place is 4MINUTE (포미닛)

company:Cube Entertainment
HOT success single:"Hot Issue" 
reason of place: 
of course, the main reason is due to their GOOD singing & dancing skills as well as the songs.
plus this group is working so hard to make sure they had a place at the international level, and today with the latest HOT song "Huh" (Hit Ur Heart), they are successfully known to the Asia market.

i LOVE to watch their LIVE performance from the debut "Hot Issue" to the "MUZIK" and the new one "I My Me Mine" 
The 5 of them are all GREAT ENTERTAINERS and therefore

4minute is THE BEST KPOP GIRLS GROUP  ^___^

huh..*tired of searching and typing
hahahhaa sendiri yg cari pasal-lah  @___@

but it was FUN to list out my fav girls groups and let you guys know them
so, my advise here is DON'T MAKE THE SAME STUPID thing like this
~___~ coz i am so tired right now...haha
and the most important is
GO & DOWNLOAD THEIR SONGS coz it was worth to listen!!!

*all comments are just based on my personal thinking and interest*

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