the journey of my appetites

named as the beef grilled of the Sakura Crystal, Tmn Melawati
had been grilled till the deepest bones
and come with the mushroom source on it
and guys, this is only the beginning ^__^

next, ready for the Maryland of the Chicken Chop
completed with all the 'vitamins' needed by your stomach
also at the Sakura Crystal, Tmn Melawati, K.L

opps, lets take a sip of Sirap Bandung here
from the same 'house' of course!

now, it is the time for Italian's dishes
i took this at the Dominos, Mid Valley
hemm..long long time ago
hey, but still make your saliva drop down, right ^__^

hah hah, this is my always pick
the Bolognese Spaghetti
okeyh, okeyh take this-lah

not other than my fav drink
nescafe ice only-lah, what?
huh, you think it is a Blended Coppucino or something..
ah, i just LOVE Malaysian original drink!

last but not least,
feel free to taste
the mee-hoon soup with the yummy-tummy meet balls in it
got this at the Central Market, K.L
ohh, careful it still hot!!

now, don't just licking your lips..
ouchh, i know it hurts!
your stomach is giving you the sign
so, go now and take your meal because..

"we DON'T live for FOOD but FOOD makes us live"
2010 copyrights of all photos 
are credited to Sizzling Suzai

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