now it is only GERMANY

huu...recently im just talking about the WC
ohh okeyh i am not the only one here..guys ^_^
huh the last entry was about my forever BELOVED BRASIL
but now the pic is obviously showing the 3 fav colors of all the GERMANY

emmm..but still my no. 1 choice..huhuuhu BRASIL
wut to do r?!?  T__T
c'mon suzai its okeyh..lets focus on the next match
emmm..i don't think i have to stay up
for the SPAIN vs Paraguay this morning...???!?
just hoping for the BEST team to win.......really not in the mood...

but the most important here is..
RTM (Malaysia's government tv) is showing
the REPLAY of BRASIL vs NED....
hate it..hate it..hate it!!
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...i SHOULD SLEEP rite now...

ZZZzzzzZZzz...KAKA...ZZzzzZzzzz...u r DAMN cute!!!.....ZZzzzzzZz...

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