MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010

this is what I've been waiting for after I've missed the previous one
okeyh..i know it is quite late for me to post about this event today..
since the FREE PASS that were given by its OFFICIAL page was CLOSED!!
i knew it because..
i've been waiting for the chance to win it just today
by not knowing that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY...warghhhhh T__T
*guys, please feel pity on me

so, for those who still don't get any it is

event : MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2010
date  : 31st JULY 2010
time  : 6 p.m
venue : Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, Malaysia
the line-up :
tokio hotel

katy perry

wonder girls


FELLING HOT already..?!
huhu..i think the highest request is on the Germany biggest Rock arts, TOKIO HOTEL
as they are the hot talks right now
but as for me who is SO CRAZY ABOUT K-POP
(you have already known that)
i want to meet the NOBODY girls!!!
and of course the gorgeous hottie, KATY PERRY ALSO lor..
how about our local indie band, BUNKFACE ??
no worry still admires their LIVE performance-showmanship skills
plus i LOVE their EXTRAVAGANZA so much ^___^

Nah, now the only way for you to get the FREE PASS is 
you have to chase their ROADSHOW that is also started yesterday and today! 
i am so so sorry about the late information here..
No, please don't give up as you still have the chance tomorrow 
(i am talking about the ROADSHOW, don't believe me...see here...)

come and join me..
you might spot me queuing for the tickets
and maybe on the stage performing the WONDER GIRLS's NOBODY dance routine
and who know i'll get the chance to sing the KETY PERRY's girls's kiss songs..
as long as i win the FREE PASS...huuuuuuuuuuuuuu...
please i am DYING FOR THE TICKETS!!!!

for more info, do please visit their super cool OFFICIAL WEBSITE

i should sleep to get a GOOD rest for tomorrow's long Q
(can imagine the crowd....huh!)
ADIOS n sleep TIGHT >__<

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